Trinity’s curriculum is driven by the Indiana state standards and is designed to promote rigorous and differentiated learning, a strong focus on the Christian faith, and a collaborative, supportive learning environment. Our curriculum is challenging, yet accessible for all children and meets and exceeds the expectations and standards of the State of Indiana. The curriculum includes:


  • Kindergarten uses “The Story for Children” to learn Bible stories and messages from God’s Word.
  • 1st-8th Grade use “The Character Formation Project-The Lutheran Initiative” to learn Christian character traits along with faith strengthening study of The Bible.
  • Memory work
  • Worship experience/Chapel
  • Real-life application
  • Connections to other subjects


  • Resources such as Lucy Calkins “Units of Study” and Harvey and Goudvis’ “Strategies that Work” (grades 1-5).
  • Novel-based literature program and language arts study (grades 6-8).
  • Word Study
  • Vocabulary
  • Quality literature
  • Accelerated Reading program
  • Writing
  • Handwriting


  • Vimme Learning system. A weekly assessment of student math learning based on Indiana State Standards. The children will work through all areas of mathematics including:
    • Geometry
    • Number Sense
    • Computation
    • Algebraic Thinking
    • Data Analysis and Statistics
    • Measurement
  • High school-level algebra (for students in grade 8 who have successfully mastered pre-algebra the year before).


  • Life Science
  • Physical Science
  • Physics
  • Earth Science
  • Sci-Fest (annual science fair)

Social Studies

  • Community involvement and engagement
  • Indiana State History (grade 4)
  • United States History
  • Eastern and Western World History
  • Community Service
  • Earth Conservation Study
  • Current events
  • Trinity Expo (biographical studies)

Physical Education

  • Introduction to personal physical fitness and health. Group activities, cooperation, rules and guidelines for fair play. Physical activity for personal enjoyment, recreational opportunities, individual and team sports.


  • Studies include major artists, art appreciation, and use of different media.


  • Grades 1-5 are taught musical rhythm,theory, and appreciation.
  • Grades 6-8 are instructed in choral music.
  • Music at Trinity Lutheran School is offered through a generous partnership with the Indianapolis Children’s Choir.


  • Technology is integrated in our everyday classroom instruction. The use of Chromebooks, SMART boards, MimioFrames, and iPads enhances our students’ connection to information for learning and gives them an edge in our increasingly technological world.

Grading Scale
Grades 2-8 grading scale is as follows:

100-95 A
94-91 A-
90-88 B+
87-85 B
84-82 B-
81-79 C+
78-75 C
74-72 C-
71-69 D+
68-65 D
64-62 D-
61-0 F