In case our school would have to close or impose a two-hour delay due to to inclement weather or poor road conditions, you will receive the message via the following sources:

  • Channel 8
  • Fox 59
  • A Fast Direct message, if you are signed up
  • Posted on the church and school website
  • A recorded telephone call to the home number on record

In the event our school would need a two-hour delay, Kindergarten thru 8th grade would begin class at 10:15am. All preschool classes would be cancelled.

Trinity Care 
Trinity Care will open at 7:00am unless otherwise stated and will remain open until 6:00pm if there are students in attendance. Students who are attending must bring sack lunch and a drink. If there are no students in Trinity Care by 9:00am, they will close for the remainder of the day.

Baby Lambs Nursery Care
Baby Lambs Nursery Care will close if the school is closed, but they will open at 7:00am in the event of a two-hour delay.

Register at for “Forecast 8 Alerts” to get exclusive school closings and delays sent to your cell phone or e-mail.