Trinity Lutheran School encourages reading in many ways.   One of these methods is through the Accelerated Reader program. With Accelerated Reader, students choose books to read independently. These books may be chosen based on a student’s interest, reading level, a teacher’s recommendation, or a combination of these. After reading a book, a student can then take a reading comprehension test online. For each test that shows mastery, students receive points. These points may be part of the student’s reading grade, but also, the points can be accumulated to be spent on fun prizes at a special Accelerated Reader store.

Many books are in the Accelerated Reader program. Students can access the list at home by logging in at

Also, students and parents can see the progress students are making.

Talk to your child’s teacher about your child’s username and password. Students may not take tests at home, however. Test taking requires a monitor password. When a student is ready to take a test, he or she just needs to talk to his/her teacher at school.